What is PhysioSensing?

PhysioSensing is a pressure platform with a software. Is part of the next-generation products based on visual biofeedback to support physical therapy and rehabilitation activities.

PhysioSensing can be used as evaluation or therapeutic exercise tool. 

PhysioSensing have several software modules to:


Balance Assessment and Training 

Load Transfers

Feet Pressure Map

Therapeutic Games

Why Visual Biofeedback?

Visual Biofeedback provides valuable information for the health professional who can objectively quantify results and therapy progress, allowing as well greater interaction with the patient. Additionally, the patients will be more proactive in their rehabilitation process with greater enthusiasm and motivation. Motivation is an important factor in patient compliance with therapy programs.

" Biofeedback  can be very important and helpful in clinical situations where therapeutic exercise is indicated. Biofeedback measures and shows the physiopathological events that are unfelt normally and lets the patient regulate the disorders by creating awareness."

in: Biofeedback; International Encyclopedia of Rehabilitation; Dursun E.; 2010

Indicated to




The balance and postural control is an important application to:

Balance training after stroke

Gait training after stroke

Balance training after traumatic brain injury

Preventions of falls in elderly people

Improve balance of cerebral palsy children

Increase sports athlete´s performance or decrease injuries´risk