Use PhysioSensing for several balance assessment protocols and baropodometric examination


modified Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction on Balance


mCTSIB protocol allows the measurement of static balance in four sensorial conditions:

1- Stable surface and open eyes;

2- Stable surface and closed eyes;

3- Surface instable and eyes open;

4- Surface instable and eyes closed.

Outputs with normative values comparation:  Sway velocity; mean sway velocity, composite sway velocity; CoP alignment


Limits of Stability - LOS

LOS protocol quantifies the directional control and the maximum distance that the patient can reach with its center of pressure in 8 different directions: front, front/right, right, back/right, back, back/left, left and front/left. The distances of the limits of stability are calculated according to the height of the patient's center of gravity. 

Outputs with normative values comparation:  Reaction time, Movement Velocity, Endpoint Excursion, Maximum Excursion, Directional Control


Weight Bearing Squat - WBS

The WBS protocol allows observation of weight distribution in the sagittal plane with the patient standing up with different knee flexion angles: 0º, 30º, 60º and 90º.

Outputs with normative values comparation:  Percentage of body weight for each angle