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pressure plate to physiotherapy and rehabilitation activites

Limits of Stability (LOS)

Modified Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction on Balance (mCTSIB)

Unilateral Stance

Fall Risk

Rhythmic Weight Shift

Weight Bearing Training


Balance Training

Feet Pressure Map

Static and Dynamic Gait Analysis

Visual Biofeedback

Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic Games

Balance and Pressure Plate

Stabilometry and Baropodometry in a single plate

New Software Version!!! Release PhysioSensing´18


The best visual biofeedback software for physical and vestibular rehabilitation 


Biodex          NeuroCom          Bertec          PhysioSensing

Assessment                            *****               ******              *****                 *****

Clinical intervention              *****               ******              *****                 *****  

Feet pressure map                  no                      no                     no                       yes


Price                                            *                        *                       **                     *****

Indicated to:


Physical Rehabilitation

Vestibular Rehabilitation


Sports Medicine



Balance and Stability

The balance category consists of evaluation and training exercises. These exercises allow balance assessment and training, promote stability and posture correction.

The balance evaluation exercises have load indicators in the sagittal plane, the anterior-posterior plane and also in both planes simultaneously.

In the balance training exercises exists pre-defined interfaces with various shapes and paths so that the patient may reach them through pro-active movement of its center of gravity.

The difficulty and demand level can be adjusted through the tolerance parameter. The health professional can adapt the exercises by conducting exercises with single leg support, bipedal, with squats, in stable or unstable surface, with eyes open or closed, etc.

Load Transfers

The exercises in the load transfer category allows the patient to train the load transfers in the sagittal and anteroposterior planes. In these exercises it is important to train transfer capacity and reach maximum load peaks.


In the exercises with transfer indicators the patient is expected to reach maximum peaks or preset values by the health professional.

In the Pong and Fall exercise the patient is encouraged in a proactive and dynamic way, to transfer loads in a playful way through a game.

Not only for assessments but also therapeutic exercises

Pressure Map

Equipped with 1600 sensors, each one with 1cm per square, the PhysioSensing platform allows analysis of the plantar pressure map. Beyond the pressure distribution, other features such as the center of pressure coordinates and the maximum load points are possible to obtain.

Keep your patients motivated

Therapeutic Games

In the therapeutic games category the patient is challenged to be a character that infinitely runs an obstacle course. Each obstacle is a therapeutic situation.

At the moment the BART- BAlance Rehabilitation Therapy, allows training of the following therapeutic situations: center of pressure maintenance in the center, center of pressure shift in the sagittal and anteroposterior plan, perform squats and train unipedal balance.

Each situation can be properly parameterized by the health professional: number of therapeutic situations, number of repetitions, difficulty and game time.

BART uses the PhysioSensing platform and the Microsoft Kinect sensor.

Think different! Bet on a new generation of rehabilitation devices!


benefits of visual biofeedback devices for physiotherapy and rehabilitation


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