Powerful Static and Dynamic Baropodometric Analysis

Pressure Plate

CE Medical Device Class I according to directive 93/42/EEC

Type Portable

Size 61 x 58 cm

Thickness 1 cm

Weight 4 kg

Active Surface 40 x 40 cm

Sensors number 1600

Sensor size 1 x 1 cm

Sensor type Resistive

Sensor life time more than 1 000 000 actuations

Maximum pressure (each sensor) 100 N/cm2

Temperature range from 0ºC to 60ºC

Connection/power USB

Frequency 100 Hz ~100 acquisitions/seconds

Light and portable device. The most accurate and cost effective way for balance&pressure assessment

Podo Software

Static Analysis

Static mapping with center of pressure- CoP

Max, Average pressure calculations

Weight distribution

Measuring possibilities (length, angle, pressure, area) 

Exam comparision



Postural Analysis

Static Report

Dynamic Analysis (gait)

Frame view


CoP dynimic line

Force, Area, Pressure, Velocity Graphs

PEAK risk

Gait Cycle Phases

Dynamic Report



I          Pressure Plate + Podo Software

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