Improve the balance of your patients with PhysioSensing

CoP Displacement 

These exercises allow displacement of the pressure center training to several predefined points in the form of figures: Square, Circle, Eight and Spiral. The patient must reach all the dots disposed in the form. In all interfaces of these exercises the patient controls the gray point. 

Visual Stimulus

In the Spiderweb, Tunnel and Dot pattern exercises the goal is to keep a balance position despite the visual stimulus (displacement of spiderweb, tunnel rotation/displacement and dots rotation/translation). The speed of the displacement or rotation of the visual stimulus can be adjusted. In the case of the Dot pattern exercise the visual stimulus direction can be selected (horizontal, vertical or rotative).


In the exercises Route Bars, Route Spiral, Route Square and Route Maze the goal is to go through the routes within its boundaries with the center of pressure, following the red dots. 


In the Follow Me exercise random dots appear in the screen so that the patient can reach them with its pressure center and remain there for a continuous time previously selected. While in the exercise Pitfalls eight red dots randomly appear in the screen that the patient must reach with its center of pressure avoiding the 15 explosive traps.