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Designed for vestibular, balance and oculomotor disorders.


Pressure Plate

CE Medical Device Class I according to directive 93/42/EEC

Type Portable

Size 61 x 58 cm

Thickness 1 cm

Weight 4 kg

Active Surface 40 x 40 cm

Sensors number 1600

Sensor size 1 x 1 cm

Sensor type Resistive

Sensor life time more than 1 000 000 actuations

Maximum pressure (each sensor) 100 N/cm2

Temperature range from 0ºC to 60ºC

Connection/power USB

Frequency 100 Hz ~100 acquisitions/seconds


Light and portable device. The most accurate and cost effective way for balance&pressure assessment

Force Plate

Normalized stabilometric platform. Fundamental technology to clinical practice of balance disorders.Extreme precision of the CoP and high sensitivity level. In accordance with French Association of Posturology.

CE Medical Device Class I according to directive 93/42/EEC Size (Length x Width x Height) 53 x 46 x 3,5 cm

Thickness 1,2 cm

Weight 7,8 kg

Material Aluminium AU4G

Maximal load 128 kg

Non linearity < 0,2 %

Resolution 900 points/Kg

Hysteresis < 0,2 %

Sampling rate Adjustable from 5 Hz to 40 Hz

Analogic / Digital conversion 16 bits

Platform computer interface USB

Power supply USB cable


Balance Software

Software with powerful balance&pressure analysis tools,

oriented to the health professional and the patient. 

Balance Assessment Protocols

with normative data

mCTSIB- Modified Clinical Test of Sensory Interection on Balance 
Romberg Test

Body Sway- Static Posturography

LOS- Limits of Stability

Fall Risk

Rhythmic Weight Shift

Unilateral Stance Balance Error Scoring System
Static Analysis

Balance Improvement Training Exercises with CoP

Sagital and Antero Posterior bars

Routes Bars (square, maze, spiral, bars)

Routes Shapes (square, circle, eight, spiral)

Following points (static and dynamic)

Visual Stimulus (Spiderweb, tunnel, dots pattern, bars pattern)

Two Balance Games (2D &3D)

Libra VR Clinic- Virtual Reality


A high-end virtual reality based system, designed for

vestibular, balance and oculomotor disorders. Therapy

becomes controlled, high customized and trackable.

Virtual Reality to deliver immersive virtual reality stimulation

› Smooth Pursuit

› Saccadic

› Optokinetic Nystagmus


› VOR suppression

› Supermarket effect and Visual Parallax

› Vergence

› Fixation

› Seek and Find games


Platform to combine with VR to perform Posturography and balance games 

Define your solution

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I          Pressure Plate + Podo Software


Define your solution

IV       Pressure Plate + Balance Software + LibraVR Clinic Software


V         Force Plate + Balance Software


VI        Force Plate + Balance Software + Libra VR Clinic Software


VII        Libra VR Clinic Software

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