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What's new in Balance Software ´21 version?

A completely redesigned version, PhysioSensing Balance Software´21 was already released, after a long journey of new developments and software improvements.

PhysioSensing Balance Software´21, after 10 years of development and experience, is now a powerful balance software analysis tool. We are updating it to all our clients.

In this version, you can find:

  • A new design, that allows you to better navigate into the PhysioSensing Software.

  • MyPhysioSensing area. This area, is personalized for each client, here you can contact us directly for support purposes, ask for specific trainee on PhysioSensing products, and many others things.

  • A new protocol was also developed, Total Balance Pro. So important that we dedicate an article just dedicated to it. Check: Get a perfect balance assessment.

And a lot of other improvements was implemented. Continue reading this article.

1. Design

In PhysioSensing 21 you will find a helpful user interface, more intuitive and useful. With the new navigation bar, you wiil be able to navigate on software more easily and fast.

In Home Interface (Figure 1), you can find a list of patients, you can also see the recent exercises used, is available a new functionality to rate us, and give some feedback about PhysioSensing.

Figure 1 - Home Interface

In the lateral navigation menu, you can always check if the plate is connected or not. You can navigate to: “manage patients”, “manage sequences”, “my physiosensing”, “evaluate”, “exercise”, “sequences” and “play” menu. (Figure 1)

We grouped all the balance assessment protocols on menu “evaluate”, all exercises to train the balance on menu “exercises”, all sequences of exercises on menu “sequences” and all games on menu “play”.

2. Total Balance Pro

We combined three protocols – the Modified Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction on Balance (mCTSIB), the Limits of Stability (LOS) and the Sit-to-Stand (STS), to analyze the patient balance through six critical categories:

  • Proprioception,

  • Vestibular & visual input,

  • Postural stability,

  • Lower limb strength,

  • Reflexes & Reaction Time

  • Motor control

We named this combination Total Balance Pro (Figure 2). This new protocol can be done in about seven minutes! Check: Get a perfect balance assessment.

Figure 2 - Total Balance Pro protocol clinical report results- combination of mCTSIB, LOS and STS.

3. My PhysioSensing

In MyPhysioSensing menu you can find 8 different tabs: “register”, “configurations”, “support”, “manuals”, “training”, “statistics”, “export” and “about”.

a. Register

In section register (Figure 3), you can check your personal data, introduced when registering software. You can also check your distributor information’s, computer information perfomance to run PhysioSensing Balance Software, represented by green, yellow or red and information about your software license and serial number.

Figure 3 - MyPhysioSensing menu – Register Tab

b. Configurations

Here (Figure 4) you can change all configurable parameters, like working directory, language, measurement units and software preferences.

Figure 4 - MyPhysioSensing menu – Configurations Tab

c. Support

Support section allows you to open support tickets (Figure 5). After it, all your support tickets will be listed in this section. Anytime you open a new ticket, PhysioSensing support team, will receive notifications of it.

Figure 5 - MyPhysioSensing -Support Tab

d. Software Manuals

In section manuals (Figure 6), you can find in digital format all manuals of PhysioSensing Balance Software and Platform.

Figure 6 - MyPhysioSensing -ManualsTab

e. Training

Here you can ask us for specific trainees (Figure 7). We developed some courses based on all our software’s feauters. If you pretend to know more about it, feel free to contact us through this intereface.

Figure 7 -MyPhysioSensing- Training Tab

f. Statistics

Statistics (Figure 8) is a powerful tool to analyze your database (Figure 5). Here you can check the distribution of your patients, you can also check your top 3 protocols and top 5 exercises. If you plan to analyze in detail data collect of a specific protocol, you can also use this to tool to access it using filters.

Figure 8 -MyPhysioSensing- StatisticsTab

g. Export

In section export (Figure 9), you can easily export to excel format all data collected by PhysioSensing. Here you can make some filters, like date ranges, or gender filters before export data.

Figure 9 -MyPhysioSensing- StatisticsTab

h. About

The last section contains information about us, the developers of PhysioSensing. Here you can also have access and read our privacy policy.

4. Other improvement

Many more improvements were made, as well as bug fixes making this version stable and secure.

PhysioSensing Balance 21 is now available with the pressure plate.

We already are working in 22 version! ;)

André Dias

Sensing Future Technologies

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