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What’s new in Balance Software ´22 version?

After a long journey of new developments and software improvements, PhysioSensing Balance Software’22 is now available.

After 10 years of development and experience, PhysioSensing Balance Software’22 is now a powerful balance software analysis tool. We are updating it to all our clients.

In this version, you can find:

  • All protocols, exercises and games interfaces are redesigned, accordingly to the main design of PhysioSensing.

  • Two new games, are now available to trainee the balance while the user enjoys a ludic game.

  • Trainee exercise with focus training, functionality to skip condition during protocols and functionality’s to collect comments when a fall occur, and also in the end of each protocol.

  • New configurations available throw MyPhysioSensing area.

A lot of other improvements was implemented. Continue reading this article.

  • Design

In PhysioSensing 22 you will find all protocols, exercises and games with a new fresh design, this way, is more intuitive interact with the interface.

In Figure 1, is possible to see the new design, in the top, is visible the status of platform, if it is connected or not, and also if exists one patient selected. Then the interface is divided in two main areas. Left area has the steps of the protocol, the timer and the buttons to start, pause, stop or save and export data. Right area, has the interfaces to collection of data from the platform, and when the protocol is done all the results collected.

This design is implemented in protocols, exercises, and games. This way, all executions of any type of exercise has the same design.

Figure 1 – mCTSIB protocol interface

Features to store some comments about the protocol execution was implemented, now at the end of the protocol, the health professional can register some general notes related to the execution of the protocol. Anyway, if one fall occur during the execution of the protocol, is also possible to register an comment.

Feature to skip a condition is also available in this new version. If the user can’t perform some condition, the health professional can skip that condition easily throw a click on the software.

  • Balance Games: Slime Pong & Slime Run

Two new games are integrated in this version of PhysioSensing.

- Slime Pong, allow users to interact with the game, here is possible to play in mode horizontal or vertical, so the user can train the mediolateral or the anteroposterior movements.

- Slime Run, implements 10 different labyrinths, the user need to complete the labyrinth collecting some points in the way.

Figure 2 – Slime Pong and Slime Run interfaces

  • Exercises Customization

Is now possible, personalize some exercises, in order to, traing a specific side of the body. With parameters:

- Training focus: allow the professional to select the area of train (left, right, top, bottom or all areas).

- Stance position: allow the professional to select each position the user will use (bipodal or unipodal).

- Unstable surface: allow the professional to select if the user will perform the exercise using the foam or not.

Figure 3 – Exercises customization

Setup Configurations

Four new configurations are now available (Figure 4).Now, is possible to configure these 4 parameters:

- Folder organization: This configuration allow users to choose to organize the folders by name or by ID;

- Sit-to-stand time: This configuration allow users to choose a random sit-to-stand time instead of 5 seconds;

- Tandem axes: This configuration allow users to automatic rotate axes in position tandem, so the results will appear rotated 90º degrees;

- Shortcut: This configuration allow users to select one protocol as favorite, so it will appear as the first in the recently used exercises;

Figure 4 – Configurations

  • Other improvements

Many more improvements were made, as well as bug fixes making this version stable and secure.

PhysioSensing Balance 22 is now available with the pressure plate.

We already are working in 23 version! 😉

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André Dias

Sensing Future Technologies

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