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Podiatry Solution

Solution & Price

Pressure Plate

Podo Software

3.000 EUR

Prices may vary in some countries.

Podo Software Reports and Catalogue

Podo Catalogue

Podo Catalogue

Dynamic Analysis

Dynamic Analysis

Postural Analysis

Postural Analysis

Static Analysis

Static Analysis

Video Demo

Purchase details

Product Certification

CE Medical Device Class I according to Medical Device Regulation (MDR) EU 2017/745 of the European Parliament.

Company Certification

ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.


2 years of warranty.

Payment Conditions

Pre-payment in EUROS. For other types of payment terms, for example public tenders or projects, talk to our team.

Purchase Process

Request > Proforma invoice > Sign Proforma invoice > Payment > Shipping

Payment Options

Wire transfer


We ship to all countries in the world. Goods are sent by carrier (UPS, DHL or other). Outside of European Union, you may have to pay customs fees upon entry into your country in accordance with the law of the country.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are not included in the price.


PC is not included in the price. Check the minimum requirements in the catalogue. If you want a complete solution, which includes the PC and or the glasses in the shipment, talk to us.


When you receive the equipment, you will have access to an hour of support in the installation, training and introduction to PhysioSensing by video call.


  • 1 cm² sensor

  • 1600 sensors

  • Baropodometric plate

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I want to to move forward or I still have doubts and would like to know even more about the capabilities of PhysioSensing and be advised of the best solution for me.

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