- Stroke Rehabilitation

- Parkinson Disease

- Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

- Spinal Cord

- Head Trauma

- Other diseases resulting loss of balance or ambulatory of motor skills

PhysioSensing helps to restore effected motor skills by retraining new neural pathways. Biofeedback help the patient to repeat movements from non weight bearing to weight bearing

Sports Medicine

Vestibular Disorders

- ACL´s

- Total Knee

- Total Hip

- Ankle Sprain

- Fractures

- Amputees

- Hight Tibial Osteotomies

- Fall Risk

Use PhysioSensing for balance and weight shift training to new ankle, knee and hip movement strategies

Use PhysioSensing to balance and proprioceptive training for high level agilities and increase perfomance

Use PhysioSensing to balance disorders assessment:

dizziness or vertigo, fall fear, confusion or disorientation



For more information and scientific evidence, we have compiled a manual with several clinical applications. You can find dozens of studies and applications for training and balance assessment.

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Clinical Practice Manual

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